The Awakening

The "heroes" piss away their chance at success

The four heroes awoke in a chamber, naked, without much of a memory and not that disturbed by either. They immediately jump through a portal and find themselves face to face with Bonzo, the Satyr that summoned them.

Bonzo, unsure of their skills, sent them on a couple of missions to get their bearings.

The heroes decided that a giant boar in the forest was the simplest adversary to test their mettle and headed into the woods with minimal direction. After a few encounters with some helpful squirrels, they were able to track the beast down.

Unfortunately, the gnome that found their way there also managed to startle the beast, and a combat ensued. It immediately charged the barbarian nearly killing him if not for his sturdy half orc frame. He flew into a rage and nearly chopped the thing in two, probably saving the group from certain death. The boar started to run for it's life, but the beast was picked off by the wizard and several pork chops were created from the beast.

Next, the heroes decided to go to town and met Terrance, Jared and Baghead… some of the locals of Ludo Village. They learned that Tarrance's spouse was taken by a group of Kobolds that have been terrorizing the town. And then they headed on to Professor Igneous' workshop on the outskirts of town.

They arrived and found that the Professor was in the mine and no where to be found. So to investigate, they put the gnome in the cart and gave him a push. He flew down the mineshaft, whizzing by giant ants until he landed himself smack into a giant centipede that had clearly taken a bite out of the now paralyzed professor. 

The group finally grew impatient and went in to save the gnome they sent in alone… the bard was hit and fell unconscious… sadly the barbarian that tried to help him just threw his axe directly into his almost corpse.  Luckily someone was able to stabilize him and they put the paralyzed gnome and him in a cart and took turns urinating on them both. They claimed it was to remove the poison but the professor was not convinced. 

In response he urinated on them when his poison wore off and I think its safe to say that everything didn't get off on the right foot. The professor awaits a discussion with Bonzo as clearly he needs to find out why he has sent these clowns to him for help.


MrPretty MrPretty

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